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Prairie Churches - Hope and Prayer
Dedicated in 1909, Viking Lutheran Church, Maddock, ND, was at that time the largest Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church between the Twin Cities and Seattle.


Dedicated in 1909, Viking Lutheran Church, Maddock ND, was then the largest Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church between the Twin Cities and Seattle.

The prairie is dotted with unique and picturesque churches, many of which are in danger of being lost forever. Prairie Public’s documentary Prairie Churches preserves images of this priceless heritage and tells the story of Count Berthold von Imhoff, a painter whose artwork lends a unique beauty to 18 churches.

Often the first community structure built, these landmarks represent the hopes and dreams of settlers who sought to forge a new future for themselves and their families. Prairie Churches explores the role churches have played in sustaining the history and culture of the vanishing rural landscape. The program takes a visual tour of 117 outstanding churches scattered across the Northern Plains through all four seasons.


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North Dakota Blue Book Available on Digital Horizons

Past editions of the North Dakota Blue Book are available on Digital Horizons! The Blue Book is easy to use, authoritative, statistical and narrative profile of North Dakota's government, geography, economy and culture, published periodically since 1889.

Click here to search Digital Horizons for the "Blue Book."

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