ThinkND Fellows

Think North Dakota is proud to affiliate with policy experts who are doing thoughtful work related to critical issues for the state. If you have a project that might benefit from affiliation with a statewide policy organization, feel free to contact for consideration.

Dr. Stacy Closson

Dr. Stacy Closson

Stacy Closson

Dr. Stacy Closson has spent her career researching, writing, and teaching about international relations. She has worked in government, non-profit organizations, think tanks, and universities in the U.S. and Europe.  A focus has been conflict resolution in the Middle East and former Soviet states.  She was previously an Assistant Professor at the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce at the University of Kentucky.  

Dr. Closson moved to Bismarck last year for her husband’s new job with their two children and is enjoying road trips and winter sports.  You may reach her at:



Realizing North Dakota as the Peace Garden State

My long-term goal is to strengthen North Dakota as the Peace Garden State through an internationally recognized Peace Center with regular programming.

I wish to combine my theoretical and practical experience in conflict resolution to facilitate a longer-term solution to contentious issues among citizens by building strong networks dedicated to finding common ground. 

Finding Common Ground: What Does Security Mean to You?

Working as a fellow at ThinkND, I will build off of their recent survey that found the most common area of concern among North Dakotans is maintaining their quality of life, including issues of personal security.  Peace is the antithesis of feeling fear of ‘the other.’ The purpose of phase one is to determine and assess specific areas of common ground within the citizenry around the notion of personal security.  I will report out the results of my research to interested parties.  Simultaneously, I will identify a network of individuals and organizations in ND to support a Peace Center at the garden.



ThinkND would like to thank The Consensus Council, the Bush Foundation, and the North Dakota Community Foundation for their support of this project.